Welcome to Texturelabs

Texturelabs is an online resource for free, original textures and tutorials for art and design. These elements are created by Texturelabs and are free to use, even in your commercial work (with just a few exceptions). Alongside these resources are a selection of original Tools - project files, templates, actions, and more, which play a vital role in sustaining the project.

The goals of Texturelabs are to:

  • Create and share resources and techniques for producing compelling art and design.
  • Make these resources accessible to everyone, from students to seasoned professionals.
  • Explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions to design problems.

Who is Texturelabs?

The entire project was created and is run by just one person, Brady Erickson - that’s me. I'm an artist and designer in the film and TV industry. Since 2004, my career has primarily been in designing and animating graphics for movie trailers and opening title sequences. I've always had a particular interest in creating and infusing real-world photographic elements into my work - textures!


A few favorite projects I've designed. For more info and examples of my work, you can find my Behance page here.

How Did the Project Begin?

Around 2018, I felt the urge to try something new, embark on a bold experiment, and build something from scratch. By that time, I had amassed the very resource library I had always yearned to find online. That's when Texturelabs was born.

It took a full year to organize my ideas, gather resources, and build the website from the ground up. I quickly realized that providing all these resources for free wasn't without its costs. Beyond the time and resources I poured into creating the assets, there were hosting fees, data transfer expenses, storage costs, and more. To keep the project afloat, I turned to Patreon, hoping the creative community would lend their support. And they did! Until December 2023, the project was funded almost exclusively by the generous Texturelabs Patreon community.

For several years, I maintained the YouTube channel, the Texturelabs site, and the Patreon, which was rewarding but also a lot for one person to handle. It was also clear that many people might want a bonus file from one of the tutorials without committing to a subscription. I understand that sentiment. So, in December 2023, I revamped the site to include a Tools section, which now primarily sustains the project. (Hint, hint—if you'd like to support the project, check out the Tools section).

What Does the Future Hold?

It's full steam ahead for me here at the lab. Creative work is a perpetual journey—it's never truly done. So, expect more textures, more tutorials, and more creative experiments in the pipeline. To stay updated on all things new at Texturelabs, be sure to join the mailing list.

Thanks for checking out the project, and I wish you all the best in your creative endeavors!

Cheers, Brady