About Texturelabs.org

Hello, I'm Brady, graphic designer and founder of Texturelabs.org, a collection of free textures and tutorials created specifically for graphic designers, artists, and illustrators. Everything on the site is created by Texturelabs and is free to download and use in your personal and commercial work. I hope you'll find it useful!

Texturelabs was an idea that crystalized slowly over the course of several years. It had always occurred to me that many of the textures found online were tailored for modeling 3d objects - often exquisite, but meticulously clean images. As a graphic designer, I needed high resolution, razor sharp images, but I also wanted a bit of the character and uncertainty that comes with traditional photography. An image with just the right amount of chaos and asymmetry can translate into an immensely useful tool for bringing life to a design.

However, there was no large online catalog of free, high-end textures created specifically for use in graphic design. There's a good reason for that - it's costs time and money to create resources and also to put them online. Nevertheless, it was something I always wanted to see happen…. so I started to chip away at it. Of course, "chipping away" quickly became a full immersion into developing the site, creating tutorials, and expanding the library from an initial 200 textures to now nearly 1000.

The decision to make the site free was somewhat of a leap of faith. Many artists keep their tools and techniques closely guarded. I know one very talented artist who much prefers no-one ever get access to their project files - "The keys to the kingdom", as they put it. I can understand this sensibility, however, there's something immensely gratifying about making your tools and resources available to anyone and everyone. And in creating tutorials, I've found the old adage, "teaching is the best way to learn", to be entirely true. In the process of developing Texturelabs, I've become a much more efficient and focused designer. So… I can guarantee you no kingdom, but nevertheless, here are the keys… hope you enjoy!


As we all know, everyone is trying to sell you something online. And if it's free, they're probably collecting your data for profits on the other end. Texturelabs is completely free, and while I look at the web traffic statistics to see how people are navigating the site, I have no interest in even knowing how to sell anyone's data. However, as noted above, while the textures and tutorials are free - it does require time and substantial resources to keep things up and running. It's my hope that if you find value in the site, you'll be inspired to help support it through Patreon. Please check out the details here, and know that I'm grateful for any and all support. And if you're in no position to spend an extra couple bucks, that's ok too… welcome to the site and I'm glad you're here!