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Blog Post: The Perfect Shatter in Photoshop

Create a Highly Realistic Shattered Glass or Mirror Effect in Photoshop I had some old glass cabinet doors laying around and thought it would be a nice opportunity to create a few shattered textures. Hitting them with a hammer was fun. The cleanup, not so fun. After shooting them, I created a custom displacement map … Continued

New Category: Vector Graphics!

Check out the new Vector section in the categories on the Textures page, or right here! I definitely have a newfound appreciation for anyone who creates packs of vector shapes… building up the library from scratch took longer than I had imagined! I tried to create a nice variety of assets for the first round … Continued

Build a Photoshop Action to Create Dramatic Light Rays

Below are step by step instructions to create the Light Rays action seen in this tutorial. You can download the finished action on the tutorial page, but building it by hand can definitely be a valuable exercise in expanding and customizing your toolkit in Adobe Photoshop. Tips for experimenting and customizing the action: -Try adjusting … Continued