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Blog Post: The Perfect Shatter in Photoshop

Create a Highly Realistic Shattered Glass or Mirror Effect in Photoshop I had some old glass cabinet doors laying around and thought it would be a nice opportunity to create a few shattered textures. Hitting them with a hammer was fun. The cleanup, not so fun. After shooting them, I created a custom displacement map … Continued

New Category: Vector Graphics!

Check out the new Vector section in the categories on the Textures page, or right here! I definitely have a newfound appreciation for anyone who creates packs of vector shapes… building up the library from scratch took longer than I had imagined! I tried to create a nice variety of assets for the first round … Continued

New Textures Alert: Gold Ink and Foil

These high-res gold ink and foil textures work incredibly well for creating a screen printed or spot color offset print look. It was a little tricky to figure out how to categorize these… I decided to put them in the Metal section with a new subcategory called Foil. The sparkly ones are great at the … Continued

Awesome New Textures: Detailed Cracked Paint

White tempura and acrylic paint on black canvas, left in the sun for 2 months, then rolled and cracked to perfection! Shot on the A7r II with the Voigtlander MACRO APO-LANTHAR 65mm f/2. I output a few of these textures with the paint value at white, which works well for multiply mode and masks. A … Continued