General Questions

What kinds of projects can I use these materials for?

Our images can be used in just about any creative project, from album covers to website banners, opening title sequences to t-shirt designs. The projects you absolutely may not use Texturelabs materials for are those which repurpose the resources directly. For example, you may not resell the assets or use the assets to create your own texture packs for distribution or sale. For more specifics, check out our Terms Of Use.

Where did all these textures come from?

All of the textures you'll find on Texturelabs were created by us and can only be found here. While the vast majority of the assets are photographs, a few of the resources have been created digitally using photographic references.

Can I submit my own images to be included in your library?

We appreciate you asking, but no, all of the materials on Texturelabs are created by us. This insures that we can be certain about the ownership and intellectual property rights in our license terms.

I'm too broke to donate… how else can I help Texturelabs?

Fair enough! We're glad you find the resources valuable. There are a handful of free things you can do that help out the site - mostly, just help us get the word out! Sharing the site on social media, or even liking and commenting on the Youtube videos helps us to get more exposure.

License and Terms of Use

When I download an image from Texturelabs, do I own the image?

No, our Extended License Terms give you the right to use the images, not ownership of the images themselves. Copyright and full ownership of the content remains with Texturelabs.

Do I need to pay royalties to use Texturelabs materials?

No, images downloaded from the site can be used without paying any royalties. All images downloaded on the site are included under our Extended License Terms.

Do I need to include an attribution credit when using an image from Texturelabs?

No, an attribution credit is not required when using images downloaded from our site.

Can I download and store these materials locally on my own computer?

Yes, you may store and use the materials locally. However, you may not use a program (spider, leecher) or script to automatically download (all) content on the website.

Can I put some of your materials on my own website?

While you are free to use Texturelabs materials to design your website, you may not offer any of the files for download or purchase on your site. To reference images on the Texturelabs site, please link to pages on our site, and not directly to the files.

Can I use your images to create and sell my own textures, texture packs, materials or shaders?

No, you may not use Texturelabs images to create any textures, texture packs, shaders, materials or stock images for sale or distribution.

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