Ink Bleed Action | Ink Bleed Action
Ink Bleed Action
Ink Bleed Action
Photoshop Action Kit
Detailed Ink Bleed effects in one click, including animated image sequences!

Skip the build, and get straight to organic bleeding ink effects with the action and displacement map from the original Texturelabs video. Includes a negative version of the action (for light-on dark color bleeds).

Using the Ink Bleed action twice on the same piece of text in two different colors
Applying Ink Bleed to multiple layers + Create Texture Patterns action
Includes bonus "Export Animated Sequence" action

To import the action, drag the .act file onto your Photoshop app icon, or in the Window>Actions panel, use Load Actions in the three-bar menu.

NOTE: every time you run the action, Photoshop will ask you to point to the Ink Bleed Map file. Tedious! The solution is to double click each Displace Command (used four times in each action), leave the values the same, then point to the local Color Bleed Map PSD. This will save the correct location to your action and speed things up!

- .ACT Photoshop Action file
- .PAT Photoshop Pattern presets
- Ink Bleed Map .PSD file
-Also includes the action and supporting files from the original "COLOR BLEED" Photoshop tutorial
Ink Bleed Action
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015+