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Advanced Animated Ink Bleed in After Effects

Generating hyper-realistic animated ink bleed and watercolor effects in Adobe After Effects. We'll be reopening the books on the "Secret Effect of After Effects", CC Time Blend FX.

cc time blend fxink bleedrevealwatercolor

The Analog Monitor... in After Effects!

Bringing the analog, pixelated, CRT monitor effect from the most recent Texturelabs Photoshop tutorial into MOTION! Hope you brought your pickwhips.


PURE TERROR! Dripping Blood in After Effects

In this Adobe After Effects tutorial, we'll generate some hyper-realistic dripping blood. No keyframes... no expressions... the project relies entirely on the magic of effects and layer style effects.


Procedural Fire in After Effects!

In this video, we'll use some Adobe After Effects sorcery to create detailed raging fire effects! For the 4k version of the project, check out the Texturelabs Patreon. Patreon Supporters can find the project at the bottom of this page. Thanks for watching!

after effectsfireproceduralspecial effects

Movie Trailer GFX in After Effects!

In this tutorial, we'll check out a surprisingly simple setup in After Effects to create cinematic typography effects, complete with studio-style dramatic lighting! With the help of an effect that's more versatile than it sounds - CC Plastic, we'll create a professional looking graphic in a single comp with just a few layers.

after effectscinematicmotiontitles

Unreal Effects in AE with CC Time Blend FX

In this tutorial, we'll unleash an effect so out-of-the-box, Adobe decided to leave it out of the effects menu - CC Time Blend FX. Using a very simple premise (the ability to loop other effects), we'll quickly turn effects like Turbulent Displace and Offset into unpredictable swirling transitions and organic smoke effects.

after effectscc time blend fxhazesmoke

Hand Illustrated Effect - After Effects Tutorial

In this After Effects tutorial, we’ll check out a technique for giving typography, shapes, and artwork a unique hand-illustrated look. Using adjustment layers, this effect is highly customizable can be applied quickly to multiple elements.

after effectsanimationillustratedInkPaint

Grungy Chrome in Photoshop OR After Effects

In this tutorial, we’ll check out a grungy chrome text effect, side by side in both Photoshop and After Effects! Along the way, we'll create a high end effect while highlighting some interesting similarities, differences, and unique features of both programs. Written project descriptions below…

after effectschromeMetalPhotoshop

Burn Transition | After Effects Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll check out an After effects setup for a high quality burning transition effect. Using only native effects in the program, we’ll generate glowing embers, trailing smoke, heat distortion, and more.

after effectsburnfiretransition

Animated Spiral Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll check out a clever technique for creating a perfect spiral in Photoshop. Then we'll apply it as a retro-style optical illusion and create a looping animated graphic! This project makes a nice introduction animation - in fact, the "Video Timeline" in Photoshop uses many of the same principles as Adobe After Effects.