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Engraved Money Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

BONUS: to create the Sun Rays at 07:15:
1) In a square image, create a new layer and Fill with White.
2) Use Filter Gallery→Halftone Pattern, with size set to 12 and contrast set to 50.
3) Rotate the layer 90 degrees.
4) Use Filter – Distort→Polar Coordinates set to “Rectangular to Polar”.

Magic Smoke Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

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Note – this technique keeps everything live, which can cause Photoshop 2020 to have a little glitch. You may find using Blend-If (at 7:30 in the video) causes your Inner Glow effect to turn itself off. The solution: in Photoshop > Preferences > Performance, click the checkbox for Legacy Compositing to On.

Font used in this tutorial: Tondu.