Art History Brush | Photoshop Tutorial |
Art History Brush | Photoshop Tutorial
In this photoshop tutorial, we’ll check out a fast, fun, and easy way to create digital oil paintings! We’ll focus on one specific tool - the art history brush. Once you’re up and running, this tool unlocks all kind of awesome possibilities.... but first, it does help to get a basic sense of how the art history brush works and a few headaches you might run into as you get set up. Download the free oil paint brushes below, or harness the full power of 23 custom Texturelabs Brushes in the "Extended Art History Brush Set"! Bonus tip: If you're interested in creating your own brushes using images of brush strokes or pen marks, I suggest using a levels or curves adjustment to lift the mid tones. Sampled brushes are surprisingly opaque, so even very light mid tones will be reflected in your brush!
Photoshop Art History Brush Presets
5 custom oil-paint style Art History Brushes for creating realistic, detailed illustrations.