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Vector Style Treatment | Photoshop Tutorial

More adventures in creating art without drawing! In this tutorial, I’ll run through an approach to create a vector or vexel style treatment using a few key tools in Adobe Photoshop. This look will draw some inspiration from the portraits of Shepard Fairey, but this approach can be adapted to create all kind of other vector-ish styles!

4 textures used in this tutorial:

4060 Vectortones - .GRD file

.GRD file

Vector 125 - One hundred-point star

.EPS file

Grunge 219 - Halftone gradient

small: 960×960 png

medium: 1920×1920 png

large: 4240×4240 png

Grunge 214 - Weathered paper overlay

small: 960×641 jpg

medium: 1920×1281 jpg

large: 4240×2829 jpg

x large: 7952×5304 jpg