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Collage Works Action
Collage Works Action
Photoshop Action Kit
Generate instant, hyper-realistic collage art with highly customizable details.

Based on the original Texturelabs technique in the popular “Collage Effect” tutorial, this action streamlines the process, taking any photo or artwork and instantly generating a beautifully stylized and highly detailed collage.

After running the action, you can make easy, sweeping changes to the way the collage is rendered. The balance between darks and lights, the level of detail, even the collage patterns themselves can be changed and experimented with.

Rather than individual collage texture images (as in the original tutorial), the action uses 9 collage texture patterns. Create a variety of looks using the included patterns, or generate limitless custom results using your own patterns.

Check out the “Collage Effect” tutorial for some ideas and an in-depth look at how the project works.

Awesome for graphic and photographic image sources
Generate unique collage imagery using your own patterns

Before running the action, be sure to install both the .ACT action file and the .PAT pattern presets:

  • Drag the .act file onto your Photoshop app icon, or in the Window>Actions panel, use Load Actions in the three-bar menu.
  • Drag the .pat file onto your Photoshop app icon, or in the Window>Patterns panel, use Import Patterns.
.ACT Photoshop action file
.PAT Photoshop pattern presets file
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015+