Geometric Halftones Kit | Geometric Halftones Kit
Geometric Halftones Kit
Geometric Halftones Kit
Photoshop Actions & Patterns
A halftone kit for the future...

Generate complex, multicolored geometric halftones in a single click with this action and pattern set. Based on the Texturelabs technology in the “Turn Photos Into Stars” tutorial, this takes the effect to the next level, while streamlining the process for instant results.

Generate a halftone design using one of 13 presets, then customize the details to your liking. The actions set up an intuitive, easy to adjust set of layers and layers styles, making it easy to change colors, patterns, brightness values, and more.

Amazing for:

  • ID and Currency effects
  • Screen printing
  • Poster art
  • Apparel design
  • Psychedelic art
  • Experimental effects

For more inspiration and an in depth explanation of how the effect works, check out the “Turn Photos Into Stars” tutorial.

From sci-fi effects to psychedelic rock designs
Create official-looking identification imagery
A fresh alternative to old-fashioned dot halftone patterns

Import both the action and pattern files into Photoshop:

  • To import the action, drag the .act file onto your Photoshop app icon, or in the Window>Actions panel, use Load Actions in the three-bar menu.
  • To import the patterns, drag the .pat file onto your Photoshop app icon, or in the Window>Patterns panel, use Import Patterns in the three-bar menu.
.ACT Photoshop action file
.PAT Photoshop pattern presets file
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