Inferno After Effects Template | Inferno After Effects Template
Inferno After Effects Template
After Effects Template
Burn everything with this easy-to-use template based on the Texturelabs Procedural Fire tutorial.

This After Effects project template takes the original Texturelabs approach to procedural fire to the next level. Simply place shapes/text/images in the Precomp, then use the custom controller to dial in all the chaotic fiery details.

Keyframe the “Intensity” to light a fire from nothing, or keyframe the “Engulfment” setting to reveal your graphic out of the fire.

With a transparent background by default, it’s easy to drop in your own background or render with an alpha channel for a keyable graphic.

Check out the “4 Second Loop” composition for an endless looping graphic.

.AET After Effects Template File
Also includes the original project file directly from the "Procedural Fire in After Effects" tutorial
Inferno After Effects Template
Adobe After Effects 2022+