Sci-Fi Monitor Extended for Photoshop | Sci-Fi Monitor Extended for Photoshop
Sci-Fi Monitor Extended for Photoshop
Photoshop Pattern Presets
Generate 16 futuristic sci-fi analog monitor effects with the Pixelate extended pattern kit and action!

Based on the “Sci-fi analog Monitor in Photoshop” tutorial, this extended toolkit will unlock the full power of your dystopian analog processing unit.

Includes 2 actions – one to instantly generate the Pixelated Sci-Fi Monitor effect, plus an action that walks you through each setting to create custom-tailored effects.

Includes the original pixelate patterns plus 14 bonus looks – from chunky pixelated blocks to detailed neural networks… even a Matrix-themed effect.

For an in depth look at how the effect works, plus some ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the original “Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Monitor” tutorial.

NOTE: This is the Photoshop version of the project. For motion graphics, check out the After Effects version here!


Before running the action, be sure to install both the .ACT action file and the .PAT pattern presets:

To import the patterns, drag the .pat file onto your Photoshop app icon, or in the Window>Patterns panel, use Import Patterns in the three-bar menu.

To import the action, drag the .act file onto your Photoshop app icon, or in the Window>Actions panel, use Load Actions in the three-bar menu.

.PAT Photoshop pattern presets file
.ACT Photoshop action file
Instructions PDF
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