Sci-Fi Tones: 45 Gradient Maps | Sci-Fi Tones: 45 Gradient Maps
Sci-Fi Tones: 45 Gradient Maps
Photoshop Gradient Map Presets
25 secret-weapon gradient maps, inspired by the electric palettes of sci-fi graphic design

I’m excited to share 45 or my most frequently used gradient maps… the Sci-Fi Tones Collection! I find gradient maps to be an infinitely useful tool in Photoshop, with the power to instantly convert the mundane to the mysterious.

From electric blues to apocalyptic oranges, these gradient maps can be used on their own or in combinations to create complex, unexpected pallettes.

Sci-Fi Tones: 45 Gradient Maps

To import the gradients, drag the .grd file onto your Photoshop App icon, or in the Window>Gradients panel, use Import Gradients in the three-bar menu.

To use the gradient maps to colorize your artwork, use Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map. In the video sample above, I’ve used a mask to apply one gradient map to the left side of the image, and one gradient map to the right side of the image.

.GRD Photoshop gradient preset file
Example PSD file
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