Where Did the Texturelabs Patreon Go?

Posted by Brady E.
November 29, 2023

Since the launch of Texturelabs in 2020 up until December 2023, the Patreon community has played a vital role in sustaining the project.

However, you may notice that I’ve updated the site and shifted the project to become independent of Patreon. In December 2023, along with some other new features (like the search bar!), I’ve added a Tools section to the site, which brings what was previously exclusive Patreon Bonus Content right here to the Texturelabs site.

While it’s exciting to grow, adapt, and try new things with the project, I am and will remain incredibly grateful to the Patreon members who truly built this thing with me. To all the Texturelabs Patreon members, I thank you!

This change of course offers several key benefits:

  • In the long run, I believe it's best for the Texturelabs project not to be so closely tied to a third-party site. While I value what Patreon has provided, relying on their site has meant subjecting Texturelabs to any changes Patreon makes to its system, not to mention the not-so-occasional bugs.
  • At its core, the goal of Texturelabs to build and provide a lasting library of valuable resources, rather than focusing solely on generating fresh content. It’s a subtle distinction, but one that I became more aware of as the project evolved. Many of the items you'll find in the Tools section on the site are updates on content previously buried in the Patreon archives – projects and assets that some Patrons might not have even been aware of! By making all this content readily accessible on the Texturelabs site, it aligns more with the overall vision of the project. This approach also grants me greater creative freedom, as opposed to adhering strictly to monthly installments.
  • While many Patreon members signed up primarily to support the accessibility of the texture library, I found that just as often, individuals would sign up briefly to access a single project file before canceling their subscription. That didn’t bother me at all - in fact, I appreciate extra lengths people went to for a single project file. However, by providing those elements directly, it makes things a whole lot simpler for everyone.

Questions About the Move From Patreon:

“I thought the whole point of Texturelabs was that it’s free - what’s the deal with these things that aren’t free?”

Yes, the central goal of the project is to provide an extensive library of textures and learning resources for free. However, the project itself is not without its costs. Beyond the material expenses to create and shoot the textures, there’s significant traffic moving through the site, resulting in hosting, data-transfer, and storage fees that are not negligible. Additionally, Texturelabs requires a tremendous amount of time to maintain and continue growing. So, the truth is, the project has never been entirely free; it's just that the Patreon community was helping to cover the expenses in the background. The Tools section may make the financial aspect of the project more visible, but it doesn't change the central goal of Texturelabs.

“I am a Patreon member and didn’t know this was happening. How do I log in?”

I think this would only happen if you haven’t checked your email in the last 8 months! But if you’re surprised by the change, don’t worry; it's going to be a smooth transition. Most importantly, billing on Patreon has been turned off, so you shouldn't have been charged since November 2023. Regarding logins, previously, logging in to Texturelabs required the site to communicate with Patreon. Because that link with Patreon has been severed, there is no longer a way to sign into Texturelabs via Patreon. However, if you’d like to create a new login, specifically for the Texturelabs site, you can do so using the "Sign In" button at the top right of the page.

“Without Patreon, how do users access Lossless 16-bit Textures?”

Lossless textures can now be accessed by purchasing a permanent login to the site with a one-time fee. The Lossless Textures Pass now includes access to a new Bulk Downloads category in the texture section, where you can download the entire texture library in one go (Bulk Downloads are not in 16-bit Lossless format though, as that would be TOO large of a file). The Lossless / Bulk Download pass is priced similarly to what an annual Patreon membership would have been.

“Is there now, or will there be a subscription element to Texturelabs?”

I don’t have any current plans for a subscription element that would function like Patreon, at least not a paid subscription element. However, I plan on maintaining the Texturelabs Updates, which were previously Patreon-only, and making them available to everyone - you can sign up at the bottom of the page. And of course, make sure you’re subscribed on Youtube!

"I'm looking for a bonus project that I think was part of Patreon, but I don't see it in the Tools section."

Ah, yes, there are some items that I'd didn't include in the Tools section. For example, some of the PSD files directly from the tutorials didn't really seem to qualify as "Tools". If there's something you're super interested in, shoot me an email (there's a contact button at the very bottom of the page).

Back In the Lab!

I hope that clarifies things a bit regarding the Texturelabs updates. If you’re a fan of the project, you might also be wondering why the YouTube channel hasn’t seen any new content in months! These site updates are THE reason for the delay on the channel. Over the last few months, I’ve pretty much rebuilt the site from the ground up. It’s refreshing - kind of like moving into a new house. But I’m very excited to get back to business as usual, so keep an eye on the channel. More new Texturelabs content is on the way!