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Time Blend FX Ink in After Effects
After Effects Project File
Project file from the Advanced Animated Ink Bleed tutorial using Time Blend FX.

Skip the build and get right into the magic of the “Secret Effect of After Effects” (Time Blend FX) by loading up the project file from the tutorial.

Important: I’ll include the basic instructions below, but you probably will want to watch the tutorial to understand the unusual work flow of Time Blend FX.

Also – because it’s no longer technically supported by After Effects, the Time Blend FX effect can be tricky to harness. I’ve posted the project file here for free as a courtesy, but please understand I can’t guarantee or provide support for Time Blend FX 🙂


Since Time Blend FX is no longer an officially supported effect in After Effects, it can be tricky getting it to function properly.

The key to success is to make sure each frame gets rendered in sequence, starting at the beginning of the timeline, with no cached frames (green dots on the timeline). In other words, you need After Effects to render like it’s 2012.

After Effects Settings:
• In Composition>Preview, be sure to uncheck Cache Frames When Idle
• In Preferences>Memory & Performance, turn off Multi-Frame Rendering

Using this project file:
A) To create a bleeding ink write-on effect, use the “Ink Bleed – WRITE ON” composition. Do not delete the text layer (layer 8). Instead, update it with the text you want to use. Then on the bottom layer, delete the existing masks, and draw masks following the lines of your new text letters. When drawing masks, do not draw any closed shapes (i.e., do not complete any of the mask shapes by clicking on the first point again).

B) To create drops of ink filling a shape, use the “Ink Bleed – USING SHAPE” composition. Double click Layer 8 (Precomp – INK SHAPE) and use masks, text or shapes to determine the target shape you want to fill. This should be a black shape on a transparent background. Back in the “Ink Bleed – USING SHAPE” composition, the layer called “WHITE SOLID – Ink Drops Source” has a few “Circle” effects on it. These circles represent the drops of ink that will start the animation. Make sure the placement of the circles is within the contours of your target shape. You can add more circles for more drops of ink.

Preview and Render:
• Move the played to the beginning of the timeline, then use Edit>Purge All Memory and Disk Cache
• Start a Preview or Render

*If there’s a jittery effect, or frames seem to be out of sequence, it means Time Blend FX is not caching or rendering frames in direct order (frame 1, frame 2, frame 3, etc)

*With After Effects being updated regularly, it’s difficult to know what settings might be necessary for the effect to render correctly. Experiment with settings, keeping the goal in mind that the program needs to render frames in exact sequence with no cached frames

.ZIP file with AE project and supporting textures
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