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80s Ultra Chrome Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

Create hyper-stylized 1980’s chrome text and logos with a few versatile techniques in Adobe Photoshop! In this tutorial, we’ll cover the basic process of how to set up a chrome reflection that can be customized for infinite different looks, plus a few extra details to give the image some hyper-realistic radness. Fonts used in this tutorial: Overgrow, Blood Seeker.

4 textures used in this tutorial:

LensFX 139 - Sun flare

small: 960×640 jpg

medium: 1920×1280 jpg

large: 3840×2560 jpg

LensFX 165 - Edge glint flare

small: 960×960 jpg

Sky 145 - Night sky cosmos

small: 960×720 jpg

medium: 1920×1440 jpg

large: 4240×3180 jpg

1980s Chrome - Gradient presets

.GRD file