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Advanced Masking with Knockout Layers

In this video, we'll check out a layer setting in Photoshop that just might disrupt your whole layer mask approach! Using knockout layers, we can bring the full power of regular layers (Smart Objects, Text Layers, Layer Effects) into the world of masks.

4 textures used in this tutorial:

InkPaint 249 - Weathered rolled ink

small: 960×641 jpg

medium: 1920×1281 jpg

large: 4240×2829 jpg

x large: 7952×5304 jpg

Vector 234 - Graphic sun

.EPS file

Paper 209 - Heavy pasted kraft paper

small: 787×960 jpg

medium: 1573×1920 jpg

large: 3473×4240 jpg

x large: 5062×6180 jpg

Vector 218 - Concentric circles

.EPS file