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Realistic Glowing Text Effect

Looking for an alternative to the flat-looking Outer Glow Effect in Photoshop? In this tutorial, we’ll check out a simple technique that generates awesome results to create a more realistic glow for text and logos. Be sure to try out the same technique to make your photographs glow as well! Fonts used in this tutorial: Neon 80's, Rollingtime.

2 textures used in this tutorial:

LensFX 161 - Blue ring lens artifact

small: 960×640 jpg

medium: 1920×1280 jpg

large: 3840×2560 jpg

Atmosphere 138 - Drifting fog

small: 960×641 jpg

medium: 1920×1281 jpg

large: 4240×2829 jpg

x large: 4874×3251 jpg