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Stencil Spray v2.0 | Photoshop Action

A new and improved method for creating stenciled spray paint effects in Photoshop! In this video, we’ll check out an action that will give you a random spray effect for text, vector art, shape layers and more.

Quick steps to get the action up and running: 1) Double click on the zip file, then move the SprayMap.psd file to your desired location. 2) Drag the Texturelabs_SprayAnything.atn file into Photoshop. 3) Create a temp throwaway layer. 4) In your Actions Panel, open the details of the Spray Anything action. 5) Double click on the first item - “Open”. 6) Point Photoshop to the SprayMap.psd file. 7) Close the SprayMap.psd file. 8) In the action details, scroll down about halfway to the Displace step of the action. 9) Double click on each instance of Displace - used six times. 10) Leave all values as they appear, click OK, then point Photoshop to the SprayMap.psd file. 11) Optional - double click on the Action and assign a keyboard shortcut. 12) All set! Apply the action to any layer.

6 textures used in this tutorial:

Spray Anything Action - .ZIP file

.ZIP file

Vector 235 - Radial waves

.EPS file

InkPaint 241 - Ink paint drips

small: 659×960 png

medium: 1317×1920 png

large: 2400×3500 png

Concrete 176 - Painted concrete wall

small: 960×644 jpg

medium: 1920×1288 jpg

large: 4222×2832 jpg

InkPaint 213 - Splatter paint drops

small: 960×680 png

medium: 1920×1359 png

large: 3213×2274 png

Vector 175 - Towering smoke cloud

.EPS file